‘Alchemy of Exchange’ offers a glimpse into the complex process of collaboration between the domains of art, science and entrepreneurship. In this case a collaboration between artistic directors Jasper D. Jelen, Mojra Vogelnik Š. (The100Hands), Avans professor of Economy as a Common, Godelieve Spaas and Fontys professor of Artistic Connective Practices Falk Hübner.

The exposition is set up as a multi-layered cloud of things, a work-in-progress, a peek into the living process. A collection of stories, audio recordings, video elements, visual translations and self-reflection assignments reveal how a cross-domain research of the phenomenon of 'exchange' leads to a range of valuable insight, output and applications. 

The exhibition is part of the festival "Who owns the Economy?" This festival is a place for collective experimentation, where visitors can try out and shape the new economy together, it offers a diverse and accessible program, including symposiums, workshops, debates, performances, and presentations.

Photography: Barbara Medo