Lettering and colour proposals for a campaign to tackle the greatest danger to children's eyes: distant vision due to more screen time and less playtime outside. The mission was to inform as many parents and children as possible about this problem and to have children do an eye check. Comissioned by L’EAU agency.

‘Education is freedom’ a quote by Paolo Freire, painted on the facade of international training and knowledge institute De Baak Seaside.

Custom made LED lightbox for designer / illustrator Zender.

Custom made LED lightboxes for online marketing agency Clickshakers.

Type treatment for Adidas Samba Collection. Art direction by Merijn Verhagen.

Logo for Rotterdam / Bristol based recordlabel Boogie Cafe.

T-shirt designs for Amsterdam street clothing label Nuff Said.

Rubber stamp lettering  (and design) for  designer Erwin Keen. Erwin creates leather goods, luggage and bags for international fashion and sport brands.

Lettering and design for dutch recordlabel Fremdtunes. Illustration by Klaas Verplancke.

37 (3rd of july) is my contribution to the ‘Kalender Book’ initiated by Stichting Print.